Hello Las Vegas TGA Consumers:

As you know, efforts being taken to limit the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, are having a significant impact across the country, the state of Nevada and our local communities.   Some of you may be wondering how this affects the services you receive through the Ryan White Part A program. 

Service Delivery

The Recipient’s Office and your service providers have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to plan, and I want reassure you that most services will still be available to you during this time of uncertainty. 

You can expect the way you receive services may be different, however.  For example:

  • Rather than coming to an office visit, you may meet with a provider over the phone or through a secure web-based platform.
  • Rather than physically signing eligibility documents or care plans, you may be asked to approve these documents verbally over the phone.
  • If you receive Emergency Financial Assistance, checks may be delivered by mail rather than in-person.

These are just some ways you may see service delivery change.  I can assure you that there will be additional changes as providers adapt meet your needs in the best ways possible.   Please be open about how the changes are working with individual provider agencies. 

Communication with the Recipient’s Office

The recipient’s office is currently closed, however a small number of staff are working remotely.  If you have questions or concerns about accessing services, please email the Grant Administrator at h2s@clarkcountynv.gov.

Specific recommendations for people living with HIV, can be found at <enter URL>

Warm Regards,

Heather Shoop, MSW,

Ryan White Part A Grant Administrator, Las Vegas TGA