ReEntering the Community

Getting back into the community from prior incarceration comes with a boatload of responsibilities.  Keeping Parole & Probation off your back, re-engaging with your family, finding a place to live, or focusing on staying away of the challenges from long ago, are all very relevant factors in your success.  As an HIV positive individual, keep your health in mind, may become a challenge. By partnering with your Case Manager, they can often help you develop a comprehensive plan, that allows you to effectively address the variety of things that come your way.

Let’s be real…If you have recently been released from incarceration, your health may or may not be on the top of your list.  Maybe you’ve been mandated to find employment, attend classes, counseling or treatment programs.  Should we throw in Parole & Probation, reuniting with loved ones, finding secure housing, so on and so forth.

Whether you had access to a case manager while incarcerated, or are re-entering with no support, the Ryan White program has staff that are very familiar and compassionate to the challenges that you face.

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