You have the ability to shift the impact of disease in our region. How you will chime in?

Consider how you can join in and make a difference. 

Whether you are working full time for an HIV service agency, or are volunteering your time in advocacy, your inclusion is essential. People need to be reminded that HIV remains a life changing PREVENTABLE disease.

In fact, because acquiring HIV is often associated with individual behaviors, personal choices, and negotiating options, it could easily be an ongoing conversation in varied social circles. No shame or displacement is necessary, simply healthy conversation on safe sex, safe injection practices, where abstaining is not considered an option.

Let’s be real, avoiding or staying clear of conversation, silently cultivates acceptance. Lets get the conversation out there.

Whether taking part in speakers bureaus, promoting healthy behaviors and awareness in your social posts, or teaming up with an existing organization as an employee, the workforce is not limited to medical professionals, but also includes the voice of reason.

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