Forms, Policies & Manuals

Administrative Policies and Procedures

Incentive Policy Updated 9/5/2023

Fiscal Policies and Procedures

RFR & Invoice Submission Changes Updated 10/4/2023

Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) / Rapid stART

EHE Application  Updated 03/2023
EHE Application Guide  Updated 12/2022

EHE-Services-and-Providers-3-23-to-02-24 3/2023-2/2024
Clark County Rapid stART User Form  Updated 03/2021
Rapid stART Manual  Updated 08/2023

Internal Referral Forms

Emergency Financial Assistance Referral Forms Updated 03/2023
Medical Nutrition Therapy Referral Form  Updated 03/2023

Medical Case Management

MCM Screening Tool  Updated 05/2014
Acuity Tool  Updated 08/2014
Individual Service Plan  Updated 05/2014

Medical Transportation Rideshare

Medical Transporation Rideshare Program Guidance  Updated 02/2022

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