Clinical Quality Management

In the Las Vegas TGA, the information gleaned, not only supports systemic updates to yield top-notch service delivery, but supports information driven decision making in prioritization of services and funding recommendations.  Although there are numerous tools and methods used to capture vital data, the combination of their use provides for a broad picture of what is taking place in the catchment area.

Ryan White Clinical Quality Management                          

Meeting Minutes & Presentations

Sep 2022         Agenda             Minutes            Presentations

Jun 2022         Agenda             Minutes             Presentations

Mar 2022        Agenda             Minutes            Presentations

Jan 2022         Agenda             Minutes             Presentations                                        

Sep 2021         Agenda             Minutes             Presentations

June 2021       Agenda             Minutes             Presentations

June 2019            –                             –                 Presentations

May 2019             –                   Minutes             Presentations



National Quality Center

These resources provide no-cost, state-of the-art technical assistance for all Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act of 2006 funded grantees to improve the quality of HIV care nationwide.