Planning to Intervene…Your choices affect more than you. Your choices affect future generations.

Talk to a care provider or go to a testing center to learn of the options that are available to you.

In the Las Vegas TGA, many organizations offer free counseling, free condoms, and needle exchange programs.

Keep in mind, your active prevention efforts, may affect not only your future but those of your loved ones as well.

Take some time to determine how you can play a role in the prevention of HIV, today!

Lets be clear, there are wonderful treatment options that have come to the forefront over the last decade. The ability to quickly respond to potential exposures is greatly beneficial and has the ability to divert potential disease transmission.

Yet, the crux of eradicating the ongoing threat of HIV lies in the hands of those with the ability to PREVENT it.

Each of us, hold an individual responsibility to educate ourselves, and do what is necessary. We have to create a plan to avoid risky circumstances, and establish for ourselves an intervention, albiet use of condoms, clean needles or simply abstaining.

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